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Surfside Kauai Bike Rental Delivery 

Cruiser Packages

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Beach Cruiser Packages

Delivered to your door

Discover the perfect rental bike for coastal exploration - the Surfside cruiser! With its comfortable seating, stylish design, and smooth ride, the beach cruiser is ideal for leisurely journeys along paved paths. Embrace the coastal charm, rent a beach cruiser and get it delivered to you today!

All rentals include Locks, Helmets, Baskets, & Air Pumps



The sleek and classic style of the beach cruiser make it the best option of costal cruising



The upright riding position and swept handlebars make for a blissful ride.

Single Beach Cruiser Rental

1 Cruiser

1 Cruiser Delivered

$149  $199  $299

3 Day   7 Day   14 Day

Two Beach Cruisers for rent

2 Cruisers

2 Cruisers Delivered

$199  $249  $349

3 Day   7 Day   14 Day

Three Beach Cruisers For Rent

4 Cruisers

4 Cruisers Delivered

$349  $399  $449

3 Day   7 Day   14 Day

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